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Your Partner in Profitability

Premier Dealer Services has provided reinsurable program options to dealers and F&I agents since 1998. Our knowledgeable and innovative Reinsurance Team has over 50 years of industry experience, providing well-structured, flexible and compliant products designed to optimize client profitability while reducing their financial risk. Also, using the Premier Access online portal, our clients have ready access to current cession reports, trust account statements and other reporting tools.

PDS continues to attract more and more clients each year with our proven history of providing profitable reinsurance program structures. Today, we process and administer in excess of $100 million of insurance premiums annually, which is ceded to our active client base of more than 400 reinsurance companies that have relationships with more than 4,000 dealerships.

The vast majority of PDS products are available on both a fully-insured and a reinsured basis.

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